4th Swissy Walk report....

The 4th Swissy Walk was held on 8th January 2012 at Shotover Country Park Nr Oxford.  The venue was superb with large open grass areas and wooded tracks.  We had a leisurely hour walk with unbelievably, no rain!  It was unusually warm for the time of year so for once we were all a bit overdressed.  Ten Swissies attended and they all got on very well.  By the time we got half way around they were all running together as a pack which was hilarious to watch.  We met other dogs on route with no problems at all. 
After the walk most of us went for lunch at a nearby pub and had an enjoyable meal in very pleasant company.  Thank you to everyone who came.  We look forward to seeing you all again at the next Swissy Walk which will be later in the Spring. 

The GSMD Club represented the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs at Discover Dogs at Earls Court London on 12th & 13th November 2011.  The GSMD's attracted the usual intense attention.  The stand had a constant flow of visitors on both Saturday & Sunday.  The Swissies striking appearance always draws the eye and few people can pass the stand without at least a quick stop to coo over and cuddle the Swissies.  As we all know the Swissies love nothing better than a cuddle and they are not fussy where it comes from. 
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Springhaze Dazzling Gem
Bynton Scaramouche
Bynton Joie De Vivre
Springhaze Eternal Flame
Springhaze Charisma
Springhaze Blazing Glory
Duke Du Val Du Sanon
Adult GSMD winners
Junior GSMD winners
Group GSMD
Discover Dogs at Earls Court, was another resounding success for the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs.
The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club was able to support this event with many dogs covering the 2 day show. It was a great opportunity for the public to meet this wonderful breed and they weren't disappointed!  The dogs behaved impeccably throughout both days and thoroughly enjoyed the considerable attention from adults and young children, being cuddled and petted from start to finish, showing just how perfect this breed is as a family dog.
Considerable interest was shown by the many visitors who took the chance to discuss the attributes and versatility of the breed.

Oct 2010 - The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club held its annual Fun Day at Overseal, Derbyshire on Saturday 23rd October. This was another successful event organised by the gsmd club. Several other breeds attended the open event and enjoyed 'doggy games', dancing, and competitions.  It was really great that so many people made the effort, one even driving down from Scotland, and we were also joined by a number of families interested in owning their first Swissy.  Thanks go again to the valiant efforts of Cynthia and Sheila ( Alpencrest ) for organising all the entertainment, even with Cynthia feeling unwell on the drive from Cumbria - well done both of you.  Thanks also to the 'catering committee' for feeding and watering us. The raffle table prompted generous support from all present, and we must give our sincere thanks to Arden Grange for their generous sponsorship and prize donations. The club really appreciate their continued support for our young breed.
Pass the parcel was won by Amelia Quimby with  Springhaze Better By Far. The Sausage race proved most thrilling, and caused great amusement, top sausage eater was the Dalmatian, Bryedal Mayerlyng at Dalynrics  with Eric Russell in tow!  The 'Halloween Cauldron Frolic' - danced to Alpine music was a real challenge for most.  Sheila and Didrik from  Balahara  Ranch at Alpencrest  demonstrated just how it should be done, fantastic thigh slapping and high 'paws'. The audience judged Alison Weatherer Bernese (Thyme) to be the winner . A team of 3 Swissies and a Dalmatian won the race to feed the Witches cat with the 4 fish, challenging the handlers to control the dogs and a fishing rod at the same time, having first negotiated circling the trees.
Unfortunately the weather prevented us going outside for the agility, which was a shame as it always provides good fun.
At the lunch break a painting of some Swissies ,which had been donated by Helen & Peter Burke who are founder members of the club, was auctioned.  Bidding was fast and finally Sue Parkin-Russell outbid everyone else to secure it - well done Sue !

Sept 2010 - The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club held its first organised walk on 5th September at Frensham Little Pond near Farnham in Surrey.  The walk attracted a total of eight Swissies,  their owners, many potential owners, children and a variety of other dogs.  The Swissies ranged from 5 month old puppies to adults.  The dogs were all exceptionally well behaved and all had a wonderful time.  It was a good opportunity to meet other owners and view Swissies in a natural surrounding.  Newcomers had the chance to talk to a variety of owners about the joys and challenges of owning a Swissy.  The leisurely  walk around the pond took about an hour with a few stops at the 'beaches' en route where the dogs could play and swim in the water. 
A heavy shower just as we arrived at the pub meant we could not all eat outside as planned, which was a shame, but the shower was short lived and food was served later as the sun came out.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the well equipped play area which made the day a real family day out.   This will be an annual walk  and as a result of its success, similar events will be added to the calendar.

April 23rd 2010 - Congratulations to Julia and Peter Swinburn and Duke Du Val Du Sanon (Sid) who won the Import Post Graduate class at WELKS.  Another GSMD winner on the day was Stokes Samala's Blaze who won the Import best Puppy.  What a superb result for the first ever showing of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs in the UK since the KC accepted the Interim Breed Standard.   

1st April 2010- The UK Kennel Club have agreed the Interim breed standard for the Great Swiss Mountain Dog.  The breed standard will be effective from 1st April 2010.   This means that GSMD's are now officially recognised and can be shown in Import classes.
March 21st 2010 - The GSMD Club AGM was well supported and grows in strength.  The health and welfare of the GSMD was the main topic of discussion.  Lots of initiatives were proposed and accepted and we look forward to another great year for our Swissies.  Keep an eye on the club website for news and dates of events.

A Handling Rally was organised after the AGM and we were very lucky to have the services of Mrs J Middleton to judge the event, our thanks to her for giving up her afternoon and sharing her experience with us.  Thanks to the 'catering team' once again and to all those who contributed to the raffle

February 2011  -  We held our 2nd Swissy Walk at Alum Chine, Bournemouth, Hampshire.  Seven Swissies took part rangeing from 5 months to 5 years old.  For some it was their first experience of the beach and they were a bit wary of the moving water, plus the fact that it did not taste the same.  They all had a wonderful time and all slept well on the way home.  It was amazing how far some people had travelled.  We had couples from as far away as Sheffield and Guernsey who came to meet the Swissies. We would like to thank you all for coming and look forward to meeting you all again at a future Swissy event. 
APRIL 2011 - Our first GSMD carting day was held on Saturday 2nd April at Roade near Northampton.  Ten Swissies took part ranging from 11 week old puppies to a 5 year bitch.  For most of them this was their first experience of carting.  Tom & Wendy Murray and Lee & Julie, from the Bernese Working Cart Group of GB, gave us their expert help and advice which enabled the dogs to have a go at carting in a safe and controlled manner.  This is so important when starting on a new venture to ensure the dogs enjoy the experience and do not get frightened.  Most of the Swissies took to it like 'ducks to water' and did not seem fazed at all, a couple were not so confident and will need more time and practice.   Three of the Swissies obtained their 'First Draft' certificate.
It was lovely to see the young puppies being carefully introduced to the harness and pulling an empty plastic milk bottle, which most of them just wanted to play with.  Like most things with Swissies the earlier a dog can be introduced to a new idea the better.  The secret is to keep the training very short and simple and reward the dogs.  Serious carting does not start until after the dogs are 18 months old to allow time for their bones and joints to mature.  We were told 'Happy dogs are carting Dogs.'  This is not only true for carting but for every discipline we undertake with our dogs.  The GSMD club would like to change this slogan slightly to 'Happy dogs are Working dogs' as working dogs are most happy when they have a job to perform.
We wish to extend our thanks to Tom & Wendy and Lee & Julie, for all their help and advice which was much appreciated.  The Bernese Working Cart Group welcomes all newcomers to attend any of their training sessions.  Further details can be found on the link to their website on the 'Links' page 


Congratulations to Cynthia Bailey & Sheila Tickle who won the Arden Grange award for top Great Swiss Mountain Dog Breeder of 2010.  The award was presented at Crufts to Sheila & Cynthia for Alpencrest Donatas who along with Duke Du Val Du Sanon, bred by Francoise Jung, were the top winning GSMD's in the country. 

MARCH 2011 - The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club held its AGM on 20th March.  We shared the venue with the Entlebucher club and in the afternoon there were games for all and a talk on show handling by Sue Kendall.  This was the first time we had three of the Swiss breeds together with GSMD's, Bernese and Enthlebuchers.  It is always a pleasure to meet old and new friends and a chance to catch up on all the Swissy news. 

Thanks again go to Sheila & Cynthia for organising the games which followed both AGMs. The Mountaineering Challenge through the Swiss Alps was won by Eric Russell with Lacy. The Sausage race was won by Eric again, this time with Maisie, and 2nd was Alison Weatherer with Teal. The Swiss Lake Fishing was won by the team of Swissies - Cyd, Bree, Anya & Mia, with the Entlebucher team 2nd.  Thanks to Arden Grange for providing the prizes for the games. The raffle donations were substantial and we are grateful to all contributors. 

The Springhaze Challenge Cup for 2010 was awarded to Springhaze Charisma.  Unfortunately Jean and Jura were unable to attend.  This trophy is awarded each year to the Swissy who has earned the most points throughout the previous year.  Points are given for many aspects such as carting, showing, obedience etc.  Jura took part in puppy classes, obedience, showing and club fun days and totaled 18 points.  Congratulations to you both.  If you wish to take part this year it is open to members only and an entry form can be downloaded from the member's area on the club's website.

All paid up members should have received their new member's password by now, but if not, please contact a committee member. 


The Springhaze Challenge Cup for 2010 was awarded to Springhaze Charisma.

Hi, my name is Jura, and I was really lucky to win the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club  'Springhaze Cup' 2010. I wanted to write and say thanks and to let you know a little about my year.  To read more please click here...
Consolidated 2011 GSMD show results, please click here...
The 3rd Swissy Walk took place on 4th September  at  Frensham Little Pond, Nr Farnham, in Surrey.  We were expecting 12 Swissies with their owners, a couple of other dogs and some children.  On our journey there it was raining the preverbal cats and dogs and I (Sue) commented that a lot would not turn up because of the weather.  Our daughter, Jo, replied that if they did not turn up they would not be worthy Swissy owners.  Well how right she was.  Everyone we were expecting, with the exception of one family with three very young children, turned up plus two that we were not expecting.  This made a total of 13 Swissies. 
It was just beginning to rain lightly when we set off for the walk.  About half way round it started to rain hard and about three quarters of the way it started to chuck it down.  By this time it is safe to say we were all soaked, some who had no coats were worse than others.  This was when some of us discovered that our new waterproof dog walking coat, was in fact, not waterproof.   Jasper, Jo's dog no longer looked like a dog  (he is a Bichon Frise x Cairn Terrier ) but more like a drowned rat.   We all quickened our pace and hot footed it back to the cars.  This meant we missed the photo shoot which was a shame as it is so nice to see so many Swissies all together.  Some of the dogs went in the water and some preferred just to watch.  The people we met on the way round were all surprised to see so many Swissies  and they attracted  a lot of admiration. 
We all enjoyed a nice lunch and a chat at the pub and most managed to dry off before the drive home.  As usual after lunch the sun came out and it was glorious blue sky all the way home.   Were we so unlucky with the weather because we had 13 Swissies we all thought?   Next year we are going for 14 or more and we are taking full wet weather gear. 
A big thank you to all who turned up and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. 

3rd Swissy walk report

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club held its 3rd AGM on Saturday 17th March 2012 at Overseal Village Hall in Derbyshire. 

Chairman, Peter Swinburne, reported on another successful year for the club.  Notably, the clubs first Companion Show in October, which was very well supported, the introduction to Carting in April and 2 Swissy Walks in February and September.  In addition 11 club members GSMD's had a very successful year on the showing circuit topped off by Sid's (Duke Du Val Du Sanon) breeders, Mr & Mrs F Jung, winning the Arden Grange Top Breeder award and Tia (Bynton Flanders Rose at Dalynrics), owned by Lynne & Eric Russell, winning the Arden Grange Top Puppy award . 
The club was very proud to be asked to collaborate on the GSMD feature which appeared in the October issue of Our Dogs.  It was a chance to publicise this wonderful breed and show not only what a versatile working dog it is, but also what a great affectionate and loyal family pet they are.
Steve Brailey, Treasurer, reported that the Club is on a sound financial footing and with membership increasing year on year, we are looking forward to an exciting 2012, with plans for the year well under way.
After the AGM, members were given a briefing and demonstration by Cynthia Bailey and Sheila Tickle about the Control Test that the club has formulated .  Members were then given the opportunity to 'have a go', with varying degrees of success!  Sue Parkin-Russell then led a session on show handling and each Swissy was then given a trial run. Finally, by means of entertainment, the dogs enjoyed a sausage race with a twist, having to negotiate a gate and slalom poles before reaching the sausages!
The 2011 Springhaze Trophy, which is awarded each year to the dog who has achieving the most points across all the working disciplines and a variety of other categories, went to Springhaze Dazzling Gem (Roxi), owned by Samantha Loader-Hughes from Somerset.

Arden Grange Great Swiss Mountain Dog Top Breeder and Top Puppy Award 2011
Congratulations to Duke Du Val Du Sanon's breeder Mr F & Mrs E Jung, who for the 2nd year running have won the Arden Grange Award for the Breeder of the Top Winning Adult GSMD in the UK.  Congratulations also to E T & L M Russell for their Bynton Flanders Rose at Dalynrics who won the Award for the Top Winning GSMD puppy. 

January 2012 -  The Kennel Club announce that as from 2013 there will be Import Register Classes at Crufts.  Qualification for 2013 is as follows:-

'With entries for Crufts 2012 now closed, the Kennel Club has already turned its attention to next year's show. At its January meeting, the Kennel Club General Committee approved the following additions to the qualification criteria for Crufts 2013:

AV Imported Breed Register Classes

A dog is eligible for entry in Any Variety Imported Breed Register classes if it has qualified in any of the following ways under the Rules and Regulations of the Kennel Club:

Best of Sex or Reserve Best of Sex or gained the following prizes in the Imported Breed Register Classes at a General or Group Championship Show in 2012:

a. First, Second or Third in Puppy Classes

b. First, Second or Third in Junior Class

c. First, Second or third in Post Graduate Class

d. First, Second or Third in Open Class

The full qualifications for Crufts 2013 will be published in due course.'

It is not yet know what the classes will be or whether overseas competitors will be eligible to compete but as soon as we know it will be published here.

STOP PRESS  The Kennel Club have just announced that overseas competitors are allowed to compete in AV Import Classes at Crufts in 2013.  The dogs will have to qualify at overseas shows, a list of which can be found at   www.crufts.org.uk/overseasqualifyingshows  All eligible dogs will need to be either registered with the KC or have an authority to compete number from the KC.  Qualifying dogs will only be eligible to enter the any variety imported register classes for each group, which will be scheduled each day.  The best any variety winner will not be eligible to compete in the group or best in show. 

More and more GSMD's are now being shown in Import Classes at shows up and down the country.  We would like to encourage judges to make themselves fully aware of the breed standard for the GSMD's.  A copy of the KC Interim Breed Standard can be found on this site under 'Breed Information'.  There is also a very useful, clear guide on 'what to look for when judging a GSMD' in the same section.

Year 2 in the life of a busy Swissy........ click here to read the full story
Carting and Control Day

The GSMD Club held its second Working Day on 19th May 2012 at Roade, Nr Northampton.  Thirteen Swissies attended and most took part in one or more activities.  Four Swissies , Elsa, Tia, Anka and Bliss passed the Primary Control section, with two, Bliss and Elsa, achieving excellent.   This section comprised a short obedience test taken both on and off lead with a recall and a 2 minute stay.  The second part was a short agility section performed off lead.  Most of the dogs taking part had never tried agility before and they obviously enjoyed it.  
The carting gave the dogs the opportunity to attain their 'First Draft' certificate and the more experienced then went forward to the Primary Carting section.   This comprised a course including a gate, a bridge, water, rough ground and roundabouts all to be negotiated in a clam, controlled manner.  Four Swissies attained their 'First Draft' , Badger, Bliss, Toby and Cimba and two completed the Primary Carting Test, Sid and Badger, with both attaining 'Excellent' passes.  One of these two dogs, Badger, who is sixteen months old, completed the carting course having never been in a cart previously.  This was a wonderful achievement and highlights Badger's easily acceptable nature and calm temperament that is so important in Swissies.  Congratulations go to his owners/breeders, Julia and Peter Swinburn.   Congratulations also to Bliss who attained her 'First Draft' and Primary Control on the same day. 
Our thanks go once again to Cynthia Bailey and Sheila Tickle for organising the day which all ran very smoothly.  Many thanks also to Tom and Wendy Murray of the Bernese Carters who once again gave up their day to assist us with the carting.   

15th July 2012 - The GSMD Club held its 5th Swissy Walk  at Liphook in Hampshire.  Twelve Swissies attended plus four non-Swissies.  The 1 hour walk took us through mainly woodland on sandy tracks, which meant we did not get too muddy considering all the rain in the past few weeks.  The dogs were all very well behaved and had great enjoyment running together.  After the walk most of us had lunch at the nearby pub which had a huge outdoor seating area where the dogs were made very welcome.  Tables had been reserved inside the pub for us to eat but for once this proved unnecessary, as it did not rain all day and in fact the sun came out.  It was a most enjoyable day and we would like thank Stephanie & Darryl for organising it.

N.B. If anyone has a nice walk in their area with a dog friendly pub and would like to organise a walk  please get in touch with a committee member. 

The club held its 6th Swissy Walk on Sunday 7th October at Durley Chine, Bournemouth

Eleven Swissies attended with one Swissy and his owners coming from Guernsey and one family travelling from Derbyshire to meet the Swissies. 

The weather was glorious for October, blue sky and no wind.  A few of the dogs paddled in the sea but some preferred not to get their feet wet.  The beach was very busy but all the dogs were well behaved and had great fun chasing and playing with each other as well as other dogs that were on the beach.  A few passers-by scooped up their small children quickly as we went past but they were soon assured that the Swissies were friendly, even though Dan insisted on wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'Killer dog' ????  I have to say we did not manage to walk very far as we kept stopping to watch the dogs enjoying themselves.  We would all have liked a pound for every time we were stopped and asked 'what breed are they?'  It would have paid for the fuel. 

We all enjoyed a very pleasant lunch in the Harvester pub which is situated right on the seafront where the dogs were made very welcome.  Definitely a day to be repeated. 

Thank you to all who attended and a big thank you to Steve and Amanda for organising the walk.

The GSMD 2013 Calendar Photo Competition winner - Congratulations to Jean McGlashan for the best overall photo.  The calendar is now on sale from committee members at 5.00 plus 1.50 pp.  A full list of winners can be found here....... 
The club held its first Character Assessment on 28th October at Overseal in Derbyshire. 

Seven GSMD's were assessed by Jude Brendon who followed the format laid out for the club by Sheila Tickle and Cynthia Bailey.  The test, which is based on the Swedish GSMD test, assessed 10 different aspects of the breeds characteristics.  Each section is awarded a mark but no overall mark is given.  There is no pass or fail, instead the marks will be used by the club to build up an oversight of the characteristics of the breed.  Each participant was given a copy of the assessment for their own records.  It is hoped that as many Swissies as possible will undertake the assessment to enable the club to build a profile of the breed. 

We hope to organise another test next year so if you would like to book a place please contact Steve Brailey at smbrailey@tiscali.co.uk  The committee and participants would like to extend their thanks to Jude Brendon for her knowledge and experience at assessing the breed and to Sue Parkin-Russell for her work as a companion assessor.  Thanks also to all the many helpers on the day whose assistance is invaluable and without whom the day would not be possible.
The Character Assessment was held in conjunction with our annual Halloween Fun Day. A record 18 Swissies were present on the day and we would like to say thank you to all who attended.  The prizewinners in the agility were  - Gold - Jura and Jean.  Silver - Roxi and Mark.  Bronze -  Bree and Sue.  The sausage race, which is always popular with the dogs, was won by Jura and Jean.  The Musical chairs was won by Roxi and Sam.  Later in the day Jean was presented with a 60 voucher, sponsored by Kudos Pet Products, for the overall winning photograph in our recent calendar competition. 
Once again Sheila and Cynthia organised a very successful day. To show our thanks for all they do, club chairman,Peter Swinburn, awarded them with a small token of our appreciation.

The GSMD Club attended Discover Dogs at Earls Court, London on 10th & 11th November.  The stand was kept busy on both days with a constant flow of visitors wanting to know all about the Swissy.  The GSMD are well suited to events of this sort as they love human attention.  All the dogs rose to the occasion or in some cases just laid down and soaked it all up.  Thank you to all those who generously gave up their time to attend this event. 
Crown's Circle of Life at Springhaze has won the 2012 Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition in the AV Import Working category. The Our Dogs/Arden Grange Top Breeder Award in the Working group went to Julia Swinburn at Bynton Kennels and the Top Puppy Award in the Working Group went to ET & LM Russell's Bynton's Flanders Rose at Dalynrics for the second year running. 
Crufts 2013 - Show report by Julia Swinburn, please click here to read her report.

To see the Cruft's video click here or here.
The GSMD Club held its AGM on 18th May 2013 at Overseal in Derbyshire.  The day began with our secretary, Sue Parkin-Russell, reading a letter from the KC accepting our club as the official recognised breed club for the GSMD's in the UK.  This was met by a resounding round of applause from all present.  This is yet another milestone for the breed here in the UK.  The AGM was rounded off with a cake presented to Cynthia who celebrates her 80th Birthday in June.  Cynthia was one of the founder members of the club and has supported it wholeheartedly throughout its foundation and the subsequent years.  Together with Sheila they have been responsible for organising many of the club events, such as the carting days, the fun days and the character assessments.
After a short lunch break there was a carting presentation by Cynthia followed by a chance for everyone to introduce their dogs to carting, many for the first time.  Eighteen Swissies were present from as far afield as Scotland and Kent. The day was a huge success and our thanks go to all who attended and everyone who helped on the day. 

Scotland Swissie walk ....... please click here to go to the report
The  Swissy Walk was held on Sunday 20th October at Shotover Country Park, Oxford.  Fourteen Swissies were in attendance, ten from Springhaze, two from Bynton,, two from Trellwyfan plus four other dogs.  It was raining when we arrived in the car park but thankfully it stopped not long after the walk commenced.  A few dogs went into the very muddy streams along the way but most remained dry and relatively mud free.  All the dogs were off lead most of the time and enjoyed playing with each other.  I was amazed how they ignored other passing dogs with nothing more than a sideways glance in most cases.  We had the usual photo shoot in the large open field.  Afterwards we had a very long wait for our lunch as there was a mix up with the pre-ordering.  The pub, which is dog friendly, had set aside a room for us, so some dogs came in whilst others remained in the cars.    Thank you to everyone who came,  we hope to see more of you on the next walk.
It was wonderful to see so many Swissies at the recent GSMD Fun Day/Character Assessment held at Overseal in Derbyshire on 26th October.  Twenty two GSMD's were present, of which six, took their character assessment.  This is the second character assessment the club has held and was once again assessed by Jude Brendon.  The test, which has been devised by Cynthia Bailey, is purely to assess the natural character of the breed.  No training is involved and there is no pass or fail.   Each dog is put through the same test and it is hoped that the club will build up an overview of the natural characteristics of the breed.  The test is invaluable for anyone planning on breeding to ensure only suitable dogs are bred from, i.e. not nervous or aggressive, but it is hoped that pet dogs will also undertake the test as the more information we have on each litter, the better. The GSMD club will organise another test next year.  The Fun Day was an introduction to Rally 'O'.  Organisers, Sheila Tickle and Cynthia Bailey, as usual, put a lot of effort into planning and demonstrating the test.  After lunch and a bit of practise the dogs could all have a go.  Eleven dogs were awarded certificates for completing their first test at level 1.  It is hoped that this taster will encourage owners to continue with this fast growing competition. Our grateful thanks go to Jude and her husband Steve, Sheila and Cynthia and everyone else who helped make the day so successful. 
Springhaze Charisma (Jura) wins the Springhaze Trophy for the 3rd time.  This trophy is awarded each year to the Swissy who has gained the most points in a variety of activities.  Congratulations to Jura and his owners, Jean and Robert. 

The Our Dogs/Arden Grange Top Breeder competition 2013 for the AV Import Register Working Group has been won by Steve & Sue Brailey from Springhaze.  Top Puppy was Tamidelis Hemara at Bynton owned by Julia Swinburn.

22nd June 2014 -  Twelve Swissies and two other dogs enjoyed a fantastic walk at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey.  It was a glorious summer day, warm and sunny.  The walk took us to the top of the ridge where we had a view of both the ponds.  We then walked around  Little pond stopping twice for the dogs to enjoy the cool water. All the Swissies except one paddled and one even swam, although it was by accident as she did not realise how deep the water was.  Shortly after the walk started we realised one of the dogs, Lukas, was missing.  The search party soon recovered him going in the opposite direction with a rather attractive Poodle. After the walk we made our way to a local pub with a wonderful outdoor seating area which welcomed the dogs.  Luckily we managed to sit under the shade of the trees where the dogs relaxed whilst we ate lunch.  Thank you to everyone for coming we look forward to the next Swissy walk.
4th October 2014 - The GSMD Club held its first Judging Seminar on 4th October.  The morning session was an introduction to the breed given by Julia Swinburn.  The breed standard was explained and discussed followed by Q&A and an opportunity to meet some Swissies.  The afternoon session was for the judging exam.  Four candidates took part.  We would like to thank Julia for organising the day, Lynne for the lunch and all those taking part and helping on the day.
6th March 2015 - Crufts -  This year saw an entry of 33 dogs of which 30 were GSMD's, 9 of these were from overseas.  They came from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.  The judge, Mr Engh from Norway, was very thorough, patient and gentle with the dogs.  He went over each one carefully and gave the handlers plenty of opportunity to show the dogs off.  He chose the Netherland and Luxemburg champion Bonanza the Boss Van De Dovondolin for Best of Breed.  Paco, as he is known at home, was bred by Yvonne Schoeber and is owned by Mrs S A Hoeben.  Yvonne handled him at the show.  Paco is a very big ,strong, mature dog and was a very worthy winner. Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex was also from the Netherlands, Arsien Karantanska, bred by Neca Jerkovic in Slovenia and owned by Natalie Hovers in the Netherlands. Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch, Springhaze Just Dreaming, was born, bred and owned in the UK by Sue & Steve Brailey.
14th March 2015 - AGM - The club's AGM was held at Overseal in Derbyshire.  This year saw a better turn out than previous years.  The AGM was conducted and concluded in the morning.  This was followed by a lunch break where most of the dogs were outside, off lead, having a run around.  There were more than 15 Swissies present ( I could not count them all as they did not keep still) along with other breeds. They had a wonderful time playing and chasing each other.  After the break there was a talk by Sonja Watkins on behavior followed by a talk by Graham Slater on the Good Citizen Award Schemes.  The day was rounded off by a sausage race. Thank you to Lynne Russell for the catering and everyone who attended.  I understand all the dogs slept well on the way home. 
23rd May 2015 -
A great day today at Chieveley for the GSMD Club's carting and character assessment day. 6 dogs took their Character Assessment. The dogs then had a chance to take the Primary Level 1 control test which consisted of a short obedience course, both on and off lead, a recall, a 2 minute stay and a course of 4 obstacles to negotiate. Below are a few photo's of the dogs having fun. Thanks to all the helpers, Lynne for the catering, Lou for assessing the dogs characters and everyone else who helped on the day. The results were:-

First Draft certificates:-
    Luna - Louise Richardson
    Lola - Jane McGuigan
    Siri - Mark Damen
    Taylor - Sheila Brown,handled by Steve Brailey

Primary level 1 Carting Certificate:-
    Monty - Steve Buckingham

Primary level 1 Control:-
    Lola -98 points Excellent - Jane McGuigan
    Elsie - 97 points Excellent - Jan Buckingham
    Dolly - 88 points Pass - Leonie Browning
    Monty - 93 points Excellent - Jan Buckingham

Well done everyone.

July 2015 - The KC have just announced that the GSMD Club's application to have the breed moved from the Import Register onto the Full Register has been successful.  As from 1st April 2016 the GSMD will be a fully recognised breed in the UK.  Well done to everyone here and abroad who have supported the breed over the past 10 years.
December 2015 - Congratulations to all the Our Dogs/Dogs World winners of 2015

Winners of the Our Dogs/Arden Grange awards 2015 in the Import Register Working Group

Winners of the Dog World/Lintbells awards 2015 in the Import Register Working Group

1st April 2016 - Today is a great day for all GSMD's in the UK - today they move from the Import Register to the full Breed register. Thank you to everyone here in the UK and overseas that made that happen. It didn't just happen a lot of hard work went into the application made to The Kennel Club Ltd!  Those of us that show are looking forward to the shows that are putting classes on for our beautiful breed this year and into the future.  I hope a big cheer will go up for the first Swissy that competes in the Working Group ring rather than just being allowed to do a lap of honour!!!  Go give your Swissies an extra special hug today, you know they deserve it!!!!  Sue Parkin-Russell (Hon Secretary)

19th March 2016 -  The AGM was held in the morning.  After the business was concluded the Springhaze Trophy 2015 was awarded to Springhaze Elusive Dream (Elsa) and the rosettes were awarded for Top Breeder, Top Brood Bitch and Top Puppy 2015.  This was followed by a cake to celebrate coming off the Import Register and onto the Full Register from 1st April 2016.   After lunch there was an opportunity to do carting, agility and games.  There was also an Easter Bonnet parade which was won by Sheila and Hannah.  The dogs and owners had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  See you all next year.

The KC have announced that as from 1st January 2017 the GSMD will be called the Great Swiss Mountain Dog replacing the previous name of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

In its native home of Switzerland the breed is known as the 'Grosse Schweizer Sennenhunde'. The German translation is 'Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund and herein lies the confusion.  When the breed was first introduced into America in 1995 the name was translated as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  The other three Swiss Mountain Dog breeds all have different names i.e. Bernese, Entlebucher and Appenzeller.  The English word Greater means - the larger of the species and although the GSMD is, indeed, the largest of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds to call it Greater implies there should be a Lesser Swiss Mountain Dog.

When the UK breed club was first formed in 2008 there was a debate on what the breed and the club should be called in the UK.  After much discussion a vote was taken in favour of calling the breed the correct translation of the word Grosse which is 'Great'. 

When the breed was accepted by the KC onto the Import Register later in 2008 the KC adopted the name Greater.   Since then the GSMD Club have been seeking for the name to be changed. With the breed moving from the Import Register to the Full Register in April 2016 another vote was taken at the GSMD club's AGM In March in favour of writing to the KC to have the name changed back to Great.   The name change was on the agenda and every paid up club member was invited to the AGM.  There was a short debate and the vote was carried with an overwhelming majority in favour of the name change.  A letter was sent to the KC on behalf of the club members and the committee are delighted that the KC have agreed to change the name to Great. 

30th October 2016  - We held a Swissy Walk at Shotover Country Park, Nr Oxford.  There were 8 Swissies, one of which was a four month old puppy.
The puppy remained in the car park whilst the others enjoyed an hour walk through the woods and open fields.  The dogs all enjoyed playing with each other and had a great time.  All the dogs came into the pub after the walk causing a lot of interest with the locals.  They were all brilliantly behaved.  Thank you to all who came. We look forward to seeing you at the next Swissy Walk.

1st April - The GSMD Club held its first Single Breed Open Show on 1st April 2017.  The show attracted an entry of 23 Swissies for judge Helen Davenport-Willis.

Congratulations to all the winners.

The committee would like to thank Helen for judging, the stewards, Royal Canin for sponsoring the prizes, all those who helped make this show a success and all those who took part.  We hope you all enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you again next year.

The GSMD Club held its annual Character Assessment and Carting Day on Saturday 29th April at Roade, Nr Northampton.  Six dogs underwent their CA under the careful eye of examiner, Jude Brendon.  The CA is not a pass or fail scenario.  The aim is to assess the natural reactions of dogs under normal everyday experiences.  In time, data collected should give an indication of the temperament of the dogs in the UK highlighting any lines that are producing possibly nervous or aggressive dogs, which, it is hoped, will not be bred from.  One nervous or aggressive dog does not generally mean that line is all the same but over the years it should warn the club of any patterns appearing in any particular line. It is important to assess as many dogs as possible, not just the breeding ones, to give a better picture of the breed as a whole.  This in turn should enable the club to protect the future of the breed and ensure only the correct temperaments are used as breeding stock.    Places for the next CA are already filling up so please send your name to Sue Brailey at smbrailey@gmail.com if you wish your dog to be assessed.  The ideal age for assessment is between 12 and 18 months.
The carting was organised by Tom and Wendy Murray of the Bernese Working Cart Group.  A number of Swissies, including puppies, started at entry level pulling a log and three progressed to their First Draft Certificate which involves pulling a four wheeled cart.  Most Swissies love carting as they love to pull and many are naturals.  Tom and Wendy have a wealth of knowledge and as well as providing the harnesses and carts, were on hand to assist.
Many thanks go to Jude and Steve Brendon and to Tom and Wendy Murray for all your help and commitment which is greatly appreciated by all.  

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club held an Open show where BIS was Springhaze Just Dreaming; RBIS, London De La Masion De Tell pour Spaclere; & BP, Aaron From Swiss Mountains.

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge this show & be part of history in the making for the Great Swiss Mountain Dog breed in the UK. Thanks also to my stewards, Ken & Sheila Reece for doing a sterling job - I enjoyed your company, hope we can work together again soon. The Great Swiss Mt Dog, to some extent, has until recently, been the poor relation to the BMD if one compares the breeds, since the latter first had CC status in the UK in 1977, 40 years ago. With the GSMD first classes scheduled at Crufts in March this year, let us hope the breed continues to grow & develop in a positive way on these shores. Great headway has already been made by the club, not only securing the Standard, but in also encouraging enthusiasts to import stock from overseas. There is still much to be done.

Now to the show. On the day, it would have been much better to have been outside & it would have been both interesting & to some, advantageous to have been outside moving around a large grass ring. Some temperaments were lively & in some males there is a tendency to be bullish around the same gender. There was certainly no adverse temperaments as regards human hands on. Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing you dogs for my appraisal. I enjoyed my day. Most exhibits were shown in very good coat & condition & in the main undercoats were in evidence; the length & fit of coat allows no hiding place for constructional flaws. The beautiful rosettes & trophies donated by the club were the icing on the cake; there was also sponsorship from Royal Canin. Such generosity on behalf of the club towards exhibitors augers well for the future. May I take this opportunity of wishing you every success for the future.

PD (3,1a) A great variation in type between these two. The winner I found more balanced & together, although I preferred the size (height) of the 2nd. The winner's head was a little more developed & his eye & expression better. The 2nd needs to develop in skull & could use more bone for his size. 1 BP McGlashan & Fleming's Aaron From Swiss Mountains, typy dog, short coupled, stands a little east/west in front, very shapely, very good topline, strong head, stands a little narrow in front, excellent hind angles, croup rounded & well angled. Very good movement & temperament; 2 Highland's Matterhorn's Mr Moonlight to Funflash, taller dog, longer in proportions than the winner, could use more bone for size, head still developing, dark eye, clean, clear markings, shapely quarters, moved & handled well. Correct for temperament. YD (2) 1 BD RBIS Parkin-Russell's London De La Masion De Tell pour Spaclere, 19 months, above medium size & strength, still developing but showing a great deal of excellent breed type. Well proportioned, pleasing outline, masculine head & very good expression, correct angles to shoulder & upper arm, firm middle piece, balanced hind angles, rounded croup, good tail carriage. Moved well & kept a pleasing outline both in stance & on the move. Lively temperament; 2 RBD Aldred's Tamidelis Lord Montague, 23 months, top size, strong masculine head, good expression, pleasing outline, good coat & condition, would benefit for more hind angulation, moved well & displayed correct temperament. PGD (3) 1 T Lord Montague; 2 Watson's Bynton Porthos, 5 years, strong boy, could be taller, shapely outline, very length & use of neck, well placed should & upper arm, pleasing hindquarters, very good tail carriage. Moved well, correct for temperament; 3 D'Arcy & Brailey's Lion King Baltic Story at Springhaze. LD (1) 1 Watson's Bynton Bone Chance, 6 years, shapely male, masculine head & good expression, flat skull, pleasing in neck & front, balanced forehand angles. Correct outline in stance, just tends to run downhill on the move. Calm in temperament. OD (4) 1 Swinburn's Bynton Joie De Vivre, 6 years, very typy, strong masculine head & good expression, very good neck & front, well held topline, correct croup, tailset & tail carriage. Pleasing in stance, just tended to drop on the forehand on profile movement which spoils the outline. Correct for temperament; 2 Harris & Slater's Bynton Scaramouche, litter brothers & very similar in so many aspects. Just preferred the head & expression on the winner; 3 Watson's Bynton Porthos, completed the trio of litter mates. VD (3,1) 1 BV Swinburn's Duke Du Val Du Sanon, 9 years, typy individual, lovely head & expression, pleasing markings, balanced outline in stance, free mover & very good attitude, but just spoils outline in profile as he runs downhill. Correct temperament; 2 McGlashan & Fleming's Springhaze Charisma.

PB (1) 1 Brailey's Baltic Sage Vision Of Beauty at Springhaze, 7 months, shapely female, head still developing, very good markings, nails a little long, bone matches size, very good neck & front, shapely hindquarters, croup could be longer & better angled. Moved well when not pacing. YB (3,1) 1 Swinburn's Lexy Dite Bliss De La Masion De Tell of Bynton, balanced female, well proportioned, feminine head, eyes a little round, flat skull, ears a little large. Very good neck & front, pleasing middle piece & hindquarters, carrying a little extra condition, happy temperament with a very waggy tail. Handled well; 2 Parkin-Russell's Trellwyfan Clover for Spaclere, longer cast, taller female, stands east/west in front, attractive head, dark pigmentation, eyes round, coat & condition first class, shapely all through. Had her own agenda when it came to moving! LB (2) 1 Bailey & Tickle's Springhaze Inspiration at Alpencrest, almost 3 years, quality female, well balanced & excellent breed type. Attractive feminine head & very good expression, very good front, neck & forehand angles. Pleasing over & underline, shapely quarters, rounded rump. On the move, she paced at first, but once settle into her stride she moved out well & soundly. Lovely temperament; 2 Russell's Dalynrics Polly Flanders, 3 years, shapely female attractive feminine head & good expression, could be cleaner front on, very good coat & condition, standing she is a little over built, in that she is higher in the rear than the forehand. Handles well & moved sounding away & back. Correct temperament. OB (3) 1 Brailey's Springhaze Just Dreaming, 3 years, top size, strong & substantial female, head matches her size, balanced proportions, very good front angles, neck & brisket development, pleasing topline & rounded croup, shapely quarters. Presented in first class coat & condition, she moved out well & was sound. Had a tendency to stand with her tail tucked under her, but she certainly did not have a temperament problem. Handled well to get the best from her. Her undercarriage could have been firmer, but her overall qualities outweighed her deficiencies & secured her this position & eventual BIS; 2 Swinburn's Tamidelis Hemera at Bynton, 6 years, shapely, medium size & strength, well balanced all through. Feminine head & good expression, could use more hind angulation to complete the picture, happy temperament; 3 Russell's Bynton Flanders Rose at Dalynrics.


The GSMD Club marked its 10th Anniversary 0n the 24th November 2018 with a Swissmas Party held at Overseal in Derbyshire.  There were over 20 Swissies  and their families present from all over the country.  Special recognition was given to Cynthia Bailey and Sheila Tickle who were made Honorary Life Members of the club in recognition of all their work, not only in forming the club, but also supporting it over the past 10 years.   Cynthia & Sheila were one of the first people to import a Swissy into the UK with Didi, 'Didrik from Balihara Ranch at Alpencrest'. Didi was a great ambassador for the breed and was well trained in both obedience and carting.  Sheila and Cynthia recognised the need for a Breed Club and set about arranging the first meeting of the proposed breed club. They became founder members when the club was formed and recognised by the kennel club. They were fundamental in getting the club off the ground and were keen to promote the working aspect of the Swissy with Carting, Agility ,Obedience , Herding and Character Assessments.  The committee and members wish to extend their huge thanks to Cynthia and Sheila and all of you who came and helped and joined in the fun to make the day so special. 

The start of the New Year means the subscriptions for the GSMD Club are now due.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are members and invite any of you who are not members to join.
The first question many people ask is 'What will I get out of the Club?' The answer is you will be helping to support the club in its quest to further the breed in the UK with the following:

The kennel club will only recognise a breed once a breed club is established to protect and support the breed. The GSMD breed club is run, by the elected committee, for the members. The GSMD Club welcome new and old members. Members (and non-members) are invited to suggest any new ideas for events to bring the Swissy community together. Details of forthcoming events can be found on the club website www.gsmdclub.co.uk  where membership forms can be downloaded. Please ask a member of the club, committee or your breeder to propose you.
Non-members are very welcome at any of these events but surely for an annual subscription of 10 single, 12 joint and 15 family would you not want to belong?

The question you should be asking is 'What can I do for the club to help the breed?'